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Thread: Action Replay DS Cheat Requests

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    NDS Action Replay DS Cheat Requests

    My website where I will be now. Has my simple flash RPG there also.
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    can i ask for gba cheats?

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    No, sorry. The trainers toolkit goes into the GBA slot, so it can't be used. Also GBA cheats are encrypted making it much harder to make them.

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    Getting Castelvainia: Dawn of Sorrow today! I will update the list and you can start asking for cheats for that!


    Got Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin because Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow was sold out! But soon I will get Down of Sarrow!

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    Im just looking for a code for YuGiOh: Spirit Caller to allow me to use any card i want, noit just the unrestricted ones, i bought this game to use all the cards not just the crappy ones

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    Umm... I don't have that game, but if what you want is a game save, I have a gameshark, but codejunkies makes a better one.

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    hmm nice thread going, if by chance you get to work on the Nintendogs Dalmations and friends game, please tell me the codes are good but ya know, much can be done to a game like this

    Take care

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    Ty. I would like to get a Nintendogs game. I have a sister with one, but i don't think she will share, lol. But if they are all based on the same code...

    I will get back to you.

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    Got Castlevania: Dawn of Sarrow, you can ask for those codes now...

    Got to work onj beating that... I don't use cheats untill I have beaten a game! I am not a cheater! Well...

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