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So the big event on planet PlayStation this week was undoubtedly the arrival of the Gran Turismo 6 demo. It’s the first opportunity to get your hands on the latest entry in Polyphony Digital’s beloved racing series, and from what I’ve seen it seems the response so far has been really positive.
Eurogamer’s considered post-mortem enthused, “Gone is the rail-like cornering of GT5, replaced by cars that dance across the asphalt under heavy braking and strain to break free through high-speed turns. Taking the fast Stowe corner at Silverstone in the Academy demo is now a glorious transition from trail-braking to catching the car’s weight by rolling off the brakes and onto the accelerator.”
Over to you then. What are your thoughts? Is Kazunori and his team on track to top GT5? Or is the subtle shift in the game’s physics model leaving you cold?
Of course, perhaps GT isn’t your scene. Not to worry, you can join in the discussion too – just let us know why you’ve skipped the series so far.
The top five most thoughtful or entertaining responses walk away with a download code for the hugely enjoyable OTT arcader Total Recoil, which launched on PS Vita this week. See our recent Blog post for more details, or check out the trailer below.

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