via Nintendo Wii Fanboy

It's a fact of life. For most of us, when we need to get a game, we have to walk into the game store. Some times it's just easier to go down the street for a game then to wait the time it takes to arrive on our door step from ordering online, and don't get us started on shipping fees! That's why Games Radar's latest story about a couple brave individuals who spoke out about their experience working in games retail captivated us so.

The story is broken up into three different parts, each detailing a certain aspect of the job and the pros and cons of such. The entirety of the story spans 17 pages and has eight different anonymous individuals commenting on their current or past experiences working in the games retail space. And if you've ever found yourself on the buyer's side of the desk, smashing your fists against your temples in anger as you scream for the 18th time that you do not want a strategy guide, nor do you wish to reserve anything, it's definitely worth a read.

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