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Thread: [WIP] SEGA Mega Game Gear DS Mod

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    Cool [WIP] SEGA Mega Game Gear DS Mod

    Well i got to work last saturday and since I had no idea how to spray paint properly, I got to work spraying like a little kid.... and ruined my ds

    I also happened to destroy my last mod (unposted) which actually looked better then the other DSNES mod .

    Anyways after literally 5 hours of sanding yesterday I got this:

    Hopefully it will come out better than last time and well, right before I utterly destroyed it twice yesterday, I was able to take this pic of it with the decals.

    Im going to finally take a break from this mod today because my thumbs have blisters from all the sanding... Oh Ya! Here is a diagram I drew during math last week lol:

    Ya... And furthermore, my inspiration came from the Sega Genesis (which i bought from the previous weekend off a thrift store for $4! zomg), the Sega Game Gear, and The Mastersystem Controller (because I bought it for $1 and it looked cool...)

    Work will continue as planed on wed.

    EDIT: zomg i forgot to post my secret wepon!

    "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" ~See Below

    HEH, that justs shows that a PSP is too pretty to paint compared to that old phat DS=)

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    That looks very nice bobby. I hope it comes out good when it is finished. Make sure not to get any more blisters!

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    Goo luck in your mod! Game Gear rocks

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    love it

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    boom head shot

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    Well, near the end of last school year I bought a DS case replacement off eBay after not being impressed at my paintjob soooo:

    ^pics of the replacement shells

    ^v2 yeeboyee!

    ^angled shot
    I did it again.

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    That looks nice, thou the stickers make it look look cheap

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    I would print out the decals again on a high res printer and high quality laminated paper. The faded black doesnt look well it needs to match the paint job...

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    the inside looks pretty nice, regardless of the cheapo sticker issue, but as for the top...

    I hate it. I didn't fully get rid of the orange peel effect, I ran out of red and used only one coat, I ran out of clear coat, and the lack of ultra-thin laser waterslide transfers sticks out really badly

    so prepare for an update in probably another joke.

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