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Thread: GPDragoon Fenix Test Release

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    Default GPDragoon Fenix Test Release

    This is only for those who have CDs to waste, the zip file contains plain and a Discjuggler image.

    I can give no assurances that they work so consider these releases as pure betas, that said if you get them working please post any news about the release with any instructions so that i can post news that they do indeed work.

    (im totally out of CDs for a bit so thats why these are test releases and not to be posted on any site until we know they work)

    Heres the Link

    Please post if it works etc


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    Default Re: GPDragoon Fenix Test Release

    It works. But there are no enemies yet, so it's just a demo - not playable.

    d pad moves the dragon. A shoots.

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