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Thread: Bethesda leaps into Fallout MMOG

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    IRC Chat Bethesda leaps into Fallout MMOG

    Bethesda has acquired the entire Fallout IP from Interplay for $5.75m, a Securities and Exchange Commission filing brought to our attention by Shacknews reveals.

    As part of the acquisition deal Bethesda, currently developing Fallout 3 after acquiring the rights to the sequel in 2004, has licensed Fallout MMOG rights out to Interplay.

    Interplay's interest in creating a Fallout MMOG has made headlines previously, last December a Securities and Exchange Commission filing stating that the planned budget for the project totalled a whopping $75,000,000.

    Now the Fallout IP shoe is fully on Bethesda's foot, Interplay has to meet several conditions to maintain its grip on the MMOG license under its agreement deal with the Oblivion dev.

    For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission filing states that "full-scale development" of the project must commence within 24 months of the effective date (April 9) of the agreement, and that by the time development begins Interplay must have "secured financing for the FALLOUT MMOG in an amount no less than US$30,000,000.00".

    It's stated too in the filing that the MMOG "shall meet or exceed such quality standards as may be set by Bethesda from time to time".

    Under the agreement, Interplay is tasked with launching the Fallout MMOG within fours years after development commences on the game.

    However, also under the agreement between Bethesda and Interplay, if the game doesn't launch during this four-year period then the deadline can be extended a year should Interplay indicate to Bethesda its "good faith belief that it will Commercially Launch the FALLOUT MMOG within 12 months after the conclusion of such 4-year period".

    Or in other words, the Fallout MMOG could well not release until 2014.

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    So, as I read it. Bethseda hope that Interplay frick it up so they can move forward with whatever plans they have for the IP as the failure of Interplay will save them a shed load of cash?

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