Hi All,

One of the best old console for shoot'em up is the megadrive (after PCE engine of course ).
I wanted to use a PSX arcade pad with a megadrive, so i decided to build this adapter.

This version is a derivative version of the work of Thomas Kirk (many thanks to him) who did it for atari and amiga db9 joystick.

You need a few set of components :
- PIC16F819
- 2 LEDs (optional)
- 3 resistors
- 1 DB9 female
- 1 PSX female connector (i used an extention cable for PSX).

Here is my ugly prototype :

And for a few bucks you can build you own. I used the MPlab software for PIC development and MiniPro to program the PIC.

All schematics, asm and hex files, plus any required informations to build your own adapter are here