lion_rsm has been working hard to bring us an updated Dingoo Emulation Pack. All emulators included to run on native Dingoo without the need of modification or installing Dingux. News via Dingoonity-Board.

* Significant code refactoring
* Changed color theme to new one named “Orange” for DEP v2.x
* Maximum size for box cover changed to 200×200
* Now box cover is more visible as result of edging frame adding
* Fixed menu title absent during rom loading or first time menu open
* Fixed platform logo placement in UI
* Fixed animation speed in hidden extra menu
* Added frame rate synchronization in various UI menus
* Now sound volume in emulators changes nonlinear (lower value has a greater effect)
* Added saving and loading of the current game state in “Old School” mode
* DingooNES, DingooSMD, DingooSNES: Added support for IPS patches
* DingooNES: Fixed sprites per scanline limitation
* DingooSMS: Added Coleco Vision console support
* DingooSMS: Added separate GFX resources for each supported platform
* DingooSMS: Added backdrop support for Game Gear platform
* DingooSMS: Fixed a lot of various minor runtime problems
* DingooSMS: Fixed periodical crash after game state load
* DingooSMS: Fixed some sound issues and delay on emulation start
* DingooPCE: First release