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Thread: NDS: DSLink Software V2.00 & English Kernel Update V2.00 Released

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    Default NDS: DSLink Software V2.00 & English Kernel Update V2.00 Released

    via DSLink

    DSLink software 2.00 ver.
    English kernel update 2.00 ver.

    1.Enhance superpower NDS Cheat's functions
    This new developled Cheat function is released by cooperating with the Cheat software EmuCheat that prevails in the simulator. So far there are 282 CHT cheat files. This new realized cheat functions follow the former Cheat's excellent functions on GBA. We try our best to make it perfect on functions and operation interface. Each item of Cheat can be started and setted seperately on NDS, which really make it do as you like. Parts of Cheat functions of DSLink can be charactered like this:

    (1).Support Cheat management functions on PC. User can browse, add, delete and modify Cheat data, correspond the new added Cheat with ROM, etc.

      (2).Each item of Cheat can be started and setted seperately on NDS. It supports multichoice when select Cheat on NDS. It supports multivalue on each choice, such as tools, weapons in the RPG games. More powerful functions, make it really do as you like.
    Operation functions key on NDS:
    Direction key: move cursor
    L/Y: move to top or bottom quickly
    A/B: select Cheat item forward or backward
    X/Y: start or quit all Cheat quickly
    Start: run the game

    (3).Correspond Cheat with ROM automatically. When adding ROM, only you select Cheat function, software will automatically check out the corresponding Cheat file, without finding it amony hundreds of files manually, which makes it really smart operation.
    (4). Update Cheat files of new game conveniently.No need to wait for software update, for new game, user can copy Cheat file from internet to the corresponding folder anytime. After adding the new Cheat file, it will automatically rebuilt the index file of Cheat when open DSLink software.
    (5).Support Chinese operation interface, which is more convenient and easier. The selection interface of Cheat on NDS can show English, Simplied Chinese,Traditional Chinese and Japanese, convenient for view.
    (6). Support to set the original start state before enter the game, and also support to start to quit Cheat anytime while in the game. Default use L+R+START: Start Cheat, L+R+SELECT: Quit Cheat.
    (7).Cheat start hotkey supports free defination. Select it in the setting of PC end software, but be attention to avoid the confict with soft-reset key and other hotkeys.
    (8).Cheat data of DSLink adopt the prevail CHT format(EmuCheat), Cheat data sufficient, and conveniet to add the new game's Cheat. Number of Cheat data files of current version are updated to 282.
    (9).Cheat data supports EmuCheat's random address format, compress format, more powerful function.
    (10).NDS Cheat interface supports key-press sound effect, set to start or close in the system.ini of TF card, the default setting of it is close.
    (11).NDS Cheat interface supports personal setting, such as changing the background picture.

    (1). Although Cheat function can lock hundreds of address one time, the quantity of Cheat selected is limited. It will show the quantity of Cheat selected on the bottom screen title while select Cheat data on NDS. If the quantity surplus 0x800, it will be red color, means that limitation surplus. We will solve this limitation problem step by step for the later version.
    (2).Some special game will occur the hanging problem while using Cheat function, when this happens, please quit the Cheat and rewrite the ROM into game.

    (3).Thanks for the friends who develop the EmuCheat, WDPQU,YDMIS,VicenteFox...

      2.Support to show wheather the game supports Cheat or soft-reset function on the file list. This function will also be selected to start or close, which can be setted in the system.ini of the TF card. Support to change this sign icon, which format is 24 bit may of 16x16. Support the icon background to be transparent, file names of which are icon_cheat.bmp and icon_reset.bmp in the Skin folder of TF card.

    3. Solve the problem of 0876 that it can not run while in white screen.
    4.Solve the saver problem of 0928.
    5. Solve the black screen problem of 0856.
    6.Solve the problem that error occurs sometimes when automatically add the number of ROM.
    7. Solve the problem that sometimes interface is hanging when open the software.
    8.Solve the error in ROM processing model2.
    9.Game Chinese and English name library is updated to : NDS:1000. which is developed by Aiying.

    Simplified English game name library:

    DSLink software game name library kernel game names

    Note: Please manually delete the romname.lst of the directory of system_ in the TF card, DSLink software will automatically install the new romname.lst while add ROM.

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    awsome man. thanks

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