What's going on with Sony's online plans? GamePro speaks with Susan Nourai, the senior director of the PlayStation Network, for a peak at what's to come for PSP and PS3 owners.

For starters, what is your role at SCEA?

SCEA created a new organization focused solely on our PlayStation Network business. The goal for this team is to create a center of excellence for online services and digital entertainment delivery. My role is to drive and oversee SCEA's network business strategy, operations, content strategy and marketing across all of our PSN services including the PS Store, playstation.com and PlayStation Home.

The PlayStation Network takes a somewhat different form than other gaming networks. How does this architecture reflect Sony's philosophies about online?

We look at PSN as an emergent entertainment network. Our goal is to take a consumer-centric approach in both user experience, and just as important, to provide the type of content that consumers expect from PlayStation. This is evident in the types of games we offer on the PlayStation Store, like Flow, and the upcoming Calling All Cars and Little Big Planet.

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