Hi, I apologize if this has been covered and i've read through the sticky regarding how to tell whether or not your PSP is hackable, but my particular issue wasn't covered.

I'm thinking of buying a PSP of Kijiji, however the information I have is limited on it. Aside from the pictures showing that it's a Limited Edition Madden 09' PSP, I don't know too much. I've been in contact with the seller and i've had them do both a factory reset (via the xmb settings) and a hard reset (by holding down start, select, square and triangle then powering up the unit). Now this is where it get's kinda confusing for me.

I know "some" Madden PSP's can be hacked and other's can't and one of the easiest ways to tell is the OFW that it had when it came right out of the box. So after doing the two reset methods mentioned above, the seller is telling me that they're getting the info that the OFW on the PSP after a reset is ver. 6.37.

Does that mean I can't jailbreak it and i'll have to go with just modding it so that I can never power it off and just leave it in sleep mode? (The "temporary" jailbreak...sorry if i'm abit rusty with the lingo, it's been awhile since i've jailbroken a PSP and I sold my last one a few years back )

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding whether or not I can permanently Jailbreak it, or if I need more information, what I should tell the seller.

Thanks again and I hope this isn't too noobish of a question...