Here it is, the long awaited VHBL release for Qwikrazo87′s VHBL port to the Vita Firmware 2.12!

So, before we give you the files, a bit of disclaimer: This VHBL port runs through an exploit in the game Gamocracy one: legend of Robot. We announced that game secretly to our community members over the past few weeks, and publicly a few days ago. Since then, Sony have pulled the game from their stores, and if history repeats itself, the next Vita firmware update will have a patch for the game. Bottom line is, if you read this article and donít already have the exploited game installed on your Vita, you missed the opportunity.

Most of the development and testing has been done on the US version of the game, which goes with code number NPUZ00259. As is often the case, the EU version of the game (NPEZ00374) is also exploitable, but we discovered late in the game that it was available to some people using a trick involving a PS3, so it was less extensively tested.