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    I've started a project for the Sega Dreamcast, and was wondering if I can get authorisation to post in that forum? It would be equally awesome to see this posted on the main site, if you deem it news worthy.

    After The Fall for Sega Dreamcast

    I'd been thinking that a small Quake project could work as a sort of refresher course on using the old mod tools, as there's a few larger projects I'd be keen to tackle some day.

    As such, I've decided to work on an optimised port of Quake mod "After The Fall" for the Sega Dreamcast.

    It's quite easy to get the mod running on the console, but I'm aiming for something a bit more special than that.

    ATF is a bit of a memory hog, and so I'm going to edit some of the assets in the hope that the game will run with a more consistent frame rate.

    I'll also be trying to fix any glitches I come across, such as broken textures or the game stopping map ATFE2M3 (you can get locked in a room with no exit).

    The mod was also known for it's inconsistent art direction, so I'll see if I can't alter the odd texture, and I'll definitely be working on a new interface for the game (not all of Quakes fonts were replaced in the original mod, which added to the feeling of inconsistency).

    Finally, I'll be creating a range of printable covers for the game, so that it can sit amongst the rest of your Dreamcast collection.

    This project is very much a labour of love for me, as both Quake and the Dreamcast are favourites of mine.

    Please keep in mind that I can't give a timeframe for this release as I'll only be able to work on it between other projects.

    I'll be using the amazing Makaqu v1.5 and v1.1 of the ATF mod as the basis of this release. I already have the game running without any major issues, and with custom settings (I replaced some sounds that weren't playing and have set the HUD and control scheme to suit the game).

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    Best of luck

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    Thank you. I'll be posting updates on my blogger page :

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