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Thread: FreeType2! Ported to DS

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    GBA FreeType2! Ported to DS

    News from Lick:

    I have successfully ported FreeType2 to the DS. However I have stripped out some of its features. You can examine the source and rebuild the library if you want to.
    To rebuild with different options, edit the files in /include/freetype/config/*.h. Also, in the /source/ directory, you have to rename some directories/files removing the "_DISABLED" that I added onto them to prevent compilation.

    Anyway, FreeType2 (2.3.4) that *should* support:
    - TrueType, OpenType and Windows Fonts.
    - Monotone vs Antialiased rendering.

    FreeType2 Tutorial

    I have only tested the initialization of FreeType2 and loaded a font. That all works, but I haven't tried anything beyond that. I kind of released this in a hurry, since I don't have a lot of time on my hands. I will try to squeeze in a font rendering demo this week.

    - Lick

    More Info -->

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    if this is for DS why is there a GBA logo on it?

    BTW, great news lick
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    Wait, I don't understand. What do I do? Sorry, I go to command prompt, type cd and type in the path. Then I type make. It's still compiling, how long can it take?
    So, it's done rambling off text, now what? It's just sitting there, no files. I'm a bit confused myself.

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    The release consists of 2 parts, the ported source, wich a dev can use to implement in his homebrew projects, and a simple demo just to show it working, for most people it will only make any sense watching the demo and maybe try a couple of fonts (rename to times) there's no more. This port was developed for a specific W.I.P project still very much in development, being open-source naturally it is available for everyone to use in any way imaginable.

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    this is cool news. i like the demo and i hope to see it better. also why does this have gba logo?

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