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A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars is a sequel of the famous first-person sci-fi RPG.
A huge game-world, full of freedom of movement and choice of activity type.
Over 30 types of gliders, including biomechanical ones.
A developed social system; trade, including in trophies obtained from destroyed enemies, fragments and resources.
Possibility to create an own clan consisting of operational Mechminds and to control it.
Possibility to capture bases and other constructions, up to setting control over sectors.

The Reformation period had left its mark on the Range. The Mechmind world was altered. Many clans became extinct, their primitive goals and living standards dying with them. The wars conducted by Mechminds of the Fifth Generation had only one goal: total enemy desctruction to gain control over captured resources. Weak clans fell before the vicious enemy attacks. Only the strongest and best organized clans survivied the onslaught. Yet, none of the clans managed to achieve complete victory. Finally, a tenuous balance of power was set at the Range. Trying to gain an advantage, the clan of Reckoners started searching for the firstborn Mechmind of the Fifth Generation, an unrivalled warrior capable of confronting powerful enemies on its own. The Reckoners succeeded in their efforts. You are a part of the game again. You will plunge into this amazing world again. The Range awaits you.