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Thread: noiz2sa dc cdda burning guide

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    Default noiz2sa dc cdda burning guide

    Burning instructions

    It took me 10 attempts to get a working disc with audio, so I figured I'd share my secrets.
    First, the burning instructions on chu's project page are wrong. Ignore them, but praise the man for neo4all. Download a copy of bootdreams from the dc help pages ( ). It must be version 1.0.2, this is the magic cdda burning version. It's worth repeating, bootdreams v1.0.2. This version will hang if it's asked to make an ip.bin so make one beforehand and put it inside you noiz2sa directory. The bootdreams setup will place a copy of the program in your root directory. Go there, open it and place your .mp3s into the folder labeled cdda. You'll need 11 tracks in total. 5 tracks for the level 1-5/6-10 music, one for the menu and one track each for endless and endless insane. You will also need 3 4 second long buffer tracks. If you don't have them you'll be missing your first 3 audio tracks. If you can't figure out a way to create them then get the echelon selfboot toolkit and make 3 copies of audio.raw and rename them to .wav.
    Your cdda directory should look like this
    a.wav 690k
    b.wav 690k
    c.wav 690k
    Reminder: make an ip.bin and put it in your noiz2sa directory before proceeding.
    Open bootdreams, switch it to cdrecord frontend mode (last icon before the burn icon), go to extras and check burn cdda tracks, click browse and select your noiz2sa directory, then click process. Select your cd burner from the list and a window will come up labeled "Select the CDDA Tracks". all the audio files in your cdda directory will be avalible. Highlight and move them over. Make sure that your 3 buffer tracks go first, check the "convert to valid wav" switch, put a blank cd in the drive and watch it go.
    Notes: which track goes to which level?
    to make this easy, assume that the track naming convention begins with track 0 and goes to track 7
    track 0= endless (all levels except insane)
    track 1= level 1 and 6
    track 2= level 2 and 7
    track 3= level 3 and 8
    track 4= level 4 and 9
    track 5= level 5 and 10
    track 6= endless insane
    track 7= menu

    note: the menu music will not load until you've started a level and played through it or died, weird but inconsequential bug

    The game levels run about 3 minutes. so if you want the music to play completely through during the level, pick short songs (noiz2sa pixies edition)

    my current playlist

    she "nebula" (get it from 8bit peoples, it's perfect for the game)
    kevin cey "incandescent glow"
    psychadelic furs "areoplane"
    this morn omina "suneater"
    lippock and morgenstien "if the day remains unspoken for"
    clock dva "cycom" (also perfect for the game)
    spahn ranch "u tell em u"
    skinny puppy "mirrorsaw dub"

    one last feature request:
    a second button to slow the ship down. the dc version goes waaaaay to fast on full and a little too slow on slow. it needs a third setting basically half way between the two.

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