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Thread: Nintendo To Unmask Wario In June

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    NDS Nintendo To Unmask Wario In June

    via TotalVideoGames

    Nintendo has today confirmed the European release date for Wario: Master of Disguise on Nintendo DS as June 1st.

    First announced back at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show as Kaito Wario, Wario: Master of Disguise follows Mario's nemesis as he attempts to steal various treasures from television shows. Changing disguise along the way with the use of the DS stylus, Wario has to complete various tasks and mini-games to get the treasure, all the while avoiding the Master of Disguise - Count Camoli. Seven costumes are available to use, such as Cosmic Wario, Artist Wario, and Captain Wario , each with their own special abilities.

    Developed by Suzak, Wario: Master of Disguise is the first Wario platformer on DS, following the release of the high-speed mini-game based WarioWare: Touched.

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    i dont think this game is really that good at all

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    Default hi

    lol i havent played it yet =(:rofl:

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    Talking hi

    lol i havent played it yet =(:rofl: but still i want to try it

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    um pika-master why post the same message twice?

    anyway this game looks crap, i hope i'm wrong.

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    Iti's an interesting concept, but they didn't utilize the DS's capabilities enough IMHO.

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