Evolution able to use analytics to alter priority game elements on the fly

PS4 developers will be able to control how their games are downloaded and prioritise the most popular parts, says Evolution Studios group technical director Scott Kirkland.
Speaking to The Guardian, Kirkland said developers are able to modify how the digital version of the title is downloaded, based on analytics. This can help ensure the most-played features are readily playable while the rest of the game downloads in the background.

He explained this was useful for its upcoming social racing title DriveClub, as it could see if a large number of users were playing a game in an unexpected way, or if a particular track had proved particularly popular amongst players.
"If we recognise that a majority of people take a particular path through the game that we didn't anticipate, we could dynamically modify the default order that the digital version of the game gets pulled down in – and actually, that same technique could apply to how the data is pulled off the Blu-ray as well,” said Kirkland.
“We can continue to make the experience better for the player."