via joystiq

Alfredo Chavez, Gameplay / Art producer for the upcoming Wii rhythm title Boogie, has confirmed that the game will come with a USB microphone.

"The Wii version comes bundled with a microphone, it's a USB microphone and it's probably going to be the first mic for the Wii," he said in a video interview with IGN. Does this mean we will have to sit in a close proximity of the Wii or will there simply be a wireless dongle that attaches to the back? We're betting on the latter, as being connected to a console while jumping around like a buffoon is a surefire way to destroy your system.

Another interesting interpretation of Chavez's quote, particularly "the Wii version," hints that developer Electronic Arts is readying the title for other platforms, as well. Of course, we're not surprised that Boogie is expanding to other consoles (this is an EA franchise, after all), but there have been no official multiplatform plans announced.