Elektrogames, an independent video games producer and publisher, is today presenting its simulation/management game Building World, the first new generation Builder for drawing and constructing 3D buildings in real time. Developed by Creative Patterns, Building World is co-produced with Palludio Games, a company founded by professionals from the construction industry. The game will be available for PCs in September 2007.

Building World allows gamers to give free rein to their imagination for drawing and constructing the buildings of tomorrow's world: small blocks of flats, hotels, police stations, banks, schools, town halls, shopping centres, plazas and much more. Acting as real site managers and calling all the shots, they must recruit and manage their teams while working within budget, technical and environmental constraints, not to forget deadlines. Gamers will receive help from six professional advisors specialised in human resources, materials, architecture, building sites, logistics and finance.

Ivan Lebeau, President of Elektrogames, is delighted: "We are especially proud to be jointly producing this game with Palludio Games and Creative Patterns, since their unique expertise had enabled us to offer gamers a fun construction simulation game with flawless realism."