There are big open-world games out there, some bigger than GTA5 - but there will be none stuffed with as much content, Rockstar believes."In terms of raw man-hours, this has been way in excess of any project we've done at Rockstar before," Rockstar North art director Aaron Garbut told Buzzfeed."From the outset, we wanted to ensure that not only was the world big but that it was absolutely packed with character and life. It's levels of magnitude above Grand Theft Auto 4 in terms of what we've done on the environment side."I know there are bigger games out there geographically, but I don't think there are in terms of content. I want to stress that not only is this world huge but it's absolutely handcrafted. Every little bit of this world has had a large number of extremely talented artists pore over it. There's always something to discover, something weird or interesting to see or interact with."It's absolutely not a massive, empty world."