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Thread: Tecmo Drops Lawsuit against the NinjaHackers

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    Default Tecmo Drops Lawsuit against the NinjaHackers

    When I was away working on the Halo UT mod this law suit popped up. It was important to me because much of my job when I was with Halo UT relied upon ripping halo and halo 2 content to see what made it tick and get ideas on out own content.

    I emailed bungie and had the content manager of halo 2- Frank O'conner give me the OK but i was still pissed about Tecmo. I fail to see why it is illegal to modify content in a game that was purchased by the modifier, or why it would violate IP to publicly distribute these modified files over the internet. In fact, I know people that actually bought DOA just because of the modifications.

    The news might not be what i hoped, but it seems that the people in charge of the ninjahackers website will not be punished, but part of the settlment Tecmo came up with may involve the webmaster giving a database of the users who downloaded the content, I dont blame the webmasters for giving them the database if the settlement required it. US law is a real bitch and they probably had no way of avoiding it. anyways this is a quote from

    Tecmo drops lawsuit against
    >> Back in January this year, Tecmo sued the community site because they distributed game modifications (like change the appearance of characters) for Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. now informs a confidential settlement has been reached betweem the 2 parties:
    Leaving for another day the question of whether consumers have the right to modify video-game software they've legally purchased, a federal judge last week dismissed a lawsuit by California game maker Tecmo against the proprietors and users of a game-hacking website, after the company quietly settled with the two main defendants.

    Federal Judge Charles Kocoras dismissed the case last Thursday with leave to reinstate it if the settlement is not finalized within 30 days. Glynn confirmed in a telephone interview this week that he'd reached a settlement with Tecmo, but neither he nor his lawyer would elaborate on the details. "I can tell you that my client would not have been inclined to reach any agreement that would have required him to pay money to Tecmo," said attorney Charles Mudd.
    The lawsuit also targeted up to 100 anonymous users of the website, whose identities Tecmo vowed to unmask earlier this year. Those users were the focus of the settlement talks, said Jason Schultz, an attorney with the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation, which had been tracking the case. According to Schultz, Tecmo insisted that Greiling and Glynn hand over NinjaHacker's user database to the company as part of any deal. "Tecmo wanted to get the personal identifying information of people who were uploading and downloading skins," said Schultz. "I don't know if that was in the final settlement."
    Read the whole article on
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    (May 22 20:45 EST) - (direct link to article)
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    I didnt know you modded halo, thats cool......Yeah that whole Tecmo lawsuit is a pile of ass-paste. I never saw a company that hated making money...

    Do you still mod halo? I cant wait until Prometheus is released. I miss modding halo1 It sucks not having sparkedit,..heh heh

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    Modding a PC game is one thing, modding a console game is a no no. You are basically saying "hey, I ripped your game and basically condoning warez" something I'm sure Tecmo and anyone else who makes console software would want to scare someone.

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    They didnt rip any IP......They just injected custom textures....Anyways, It only drives sales, and extends replay value. What I dont understand is how can a PPF that contains no IP be considered illegal?

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