Microsoft senior director of product planning Albert Penello has explained the reason for Xbox One's delay in eight European markets.
"Launch volumes are not really an issue," he said on NeoGAF. "This was simply a software issue in terms of getting local language and voice support in the dash. It's pretty straightforward, but disappointing I know for people who are missing launch."
While Penello said he was in favour of people waiting for the official supported launch in the affected markets to ensure they get "the best experience", he acknowledged that importing the console is an option.
First, he reiterated that all Xbox One games are region free, which isn't the case on Xbox 360.
"Second, the console will work everywhere (keeping in mind power supplies)," he said. With regards to that caveat, Penello is saying it's likely systems will work in other countries, but Microsoft cannot guarantee it due to, among other things, power supply and adaptability issues.
Penello said: "You can use one of the 13 digital marketplaces corresponding to our launch markets, assuming you have a valid payment instrument for those countries."
However, he also said music and video content can be geo-restricted based on licensing.
The Xbox One price has been set at 430/500/$500.