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Thread: Hi-Ten Bomberman - First HDTV Game

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    Forum Hi-Ten Bomberman - First HDTV Game

    ASSEMbler of has posted video footage of Hi-Ten Bomberman running on a 1993 High Definition System via YouTube.

    This is the revolutionary Hi-Ten Bomberman, a ten player bomberman with custom hardware on one of the earliest and most expensive High Definition televisions from 1993.
    Yes, 1993.
    The system is quite amazing to imagine that HD gaming was taking place over 14 years ago in Japan.
    There are rumors this game was done on a PC-FX prototype hardware, but it's more like a one of a kind machine.
    This game went on to inspire the 10 player Sega Saturn version of bomberman, the best version of the game ever made.
    This footage is ultra rare and probably the only footage available now, if ever.

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    Via Lost Levels

    Quote Originally Posted by AirRaid
    Hi-TEN Bomberman was the basis of the 10-player mode in Saturn Bomberman (1996-1997), although after seeing this video, I can say that Hi-TEN looks MUCH better than Saturn's 10-player mode. Saturn's 10-player mode has TINY characters, a lower resolution, really looks very different than Hi-TEN. It looks flat & dull in comparison You could say Saturn's 10-player mode was a modified, downgraded version of Hi-TEN.
    So I agree with Nash's post from neogaf.

    note: there were actually two versions

    Quote Originally Posted by AirRaid
    Too bad it probably will never see a commercial release - this is truly the Holy Grail of Bomberman games.

    Click Here for More Pictures

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