vai: VGGEN

16th May 2007

Data Design Interactive made quite a splash back in February when it announced that it would port 12 European PS2 titles to the Nintendo Wii later this year. We weren't sure at the time if those titles would make it to North America or not, since the original games were not released outside of Europe, but it appears that they will.

The ESRB has updated its site with the latest game ratings, and included in them are ratings for three of the 12 DDI-developed titles: Anubis II, Billy the Wizard, and Mythmakers: Super Kart GP. All three titles are among the first six to be developed by the company, with Conspiracy Entertainment is listed as the publisher for each title in North America. Each title was also rated E for Everyone.

While ESRB listings are far from official announcements, in the past they've proven to be reliable indicators of what we can expect at retail. The fact that these games have ratings proves that they were submitted for review, which almost surely means that Conspiracy plans to release them sometime in the near future.