via DigiTimes

GigaMedia Limited announced an exclusive agreement with Sega to offer and operate the online action role-playing game Phantasy Star Universe in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Phantasy Star Universe is a sequel to Sega's role-playing game series Phantasy Star Online. Since the game was announced, Phantasy Star Universe has received multiple industry awards, including awards at E3, the premiere game industry conference. Within one week of its initial launch in Japan in August 2006, Phantasy Star Universe was Japan's number-one selling title.

"Phantasy Star Universe is the new chapter of a series that has shaped videogame history,'' stated GigaMedia CEO Arthur Wang. "Sega is one of the strongest publishers in online entertainment. We are excited and proud to join with them on a game with such a successful history and enthusiastic player base.''

Phantasy Star Universe is expected to launch in late 2007.

Phantasy Star Universe combines the customizability of role-playing games with massive real-time action elements. Players customize their size and appearance, vehicles, weapons and helper robots to create their own unique characters, and can join forces and exchange game items with other players to complete quests and battles, and build their characters into powerful warriors.