Reflex-based time trial and high score hybrid Switch Galaxy Ultra is signaling to merge into the PS4 and Vita lanes, an announcement following Sony's GDC presentation revealed. The announcement states that Switch Galaxy Ultra is a revamp of PlayStation Mobile's Switch Galaxy that will improve visuals and add a "host of new levels, lots more player ships to acquire and upgrade" and "more power-ups."

Unlike its visually-comparable, fallen racing counterpart, Wipeout,Switch Galaxy Ultra will task players with gathering as many points in as few seconds as possible by switching between fixed lanes. Gates, other drivers and occasional lasers of death fired from overhead aircrafts will stand between players and indisputable glory atop the leaderboards.

Switch Galaxy Ultra will have pre-defined tracks in a story mode, but players can also try to persevere on the Survival Mode's infinite track and shove their success in their friends' faces.