Japanese indie fighter Yatagarasu was originally meant to find its way onto the 3DS, but will instead be released on the PlayStation Vita as Legend of Raven, publisher Nicalis has announced. Originally released on PC in 2011, a westernized 3DS port of Yatagarasu was announced just before last year's PAX Prime, though Nicalis has remained radio silent since. No release date has been given for the Vita version, which will be available through PSN.

The platform jump was made due to "incredibly overwhelming response from the fighting gaming community," Nicalis CEO/Executive Producer Victor Rodriguez said in the announcement. The Vita version of the game will feature parallaxing backgrounds and a new soundtrack, in addition to "lagless" ad-hoc local multiplayer.

Legend of Raven should not be confused with Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, the PC-only, enhanced version of Yatagarasu that was just successfully fundedthrough Indiegogo.