Sega Saturn News has today had a massive update and it looks tons better for it, Sega Saturn News is our news and homebrew /emulation site for Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Sega 32x, Sega Master System, Sega CD and also Sega Game Gear.

Luckily for us have a list of up to date BestSelling pages for all the consoles at Sega Saturn News and we here at DCEmu have made pages for all of them so even though all these consoles disapeared years ago you can find out whats selling now.

Heres some of the new pages on Sega Saturn News:

BestSelling Sega Saturn Games
BestSelling Sega Saturn Hardware
Bestselling Sega Master System Games
Bestselling Sega Master System Hardware
BestSelling Sega Genesis Games
BestSelling Sega Genesis Hardware
Bestselling Sega GameGear Games
Bestselling Sega GameGear Hardware
Bestselling SegaCD Games
Bestselling SegaCD Hardware
SegaCD Ebay UK Auctions
SegaCD Ebay USA Auctions
Sega Saturn Ebay UK Auctions
Sega Saturn Ebay USA Auctions
Sega Genesis Ebay UK Auctions
Sega Genesis Ebay USA Auctions
Sega Game Gear Ebay UK Auctions
Sega Game Gear Ebay USA Auctions
Sega 32x Ebay UK Auctions
Sega 32x Ebay USA Auctions

Check out the site here ->