NIS America will enlist western audiences to carry out an evil witch's bidding early next year, when its PS3 action-RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knightlaunches in North America and Europe.

Players will guide the Hundred Knight through a contract with Metallia, a witch that is unable to travel beyond the borders of her poisonous swamp. The Hundred Knight is tasked with spreading destruction on her behalf while searching for and destroying pillars that were built to prevent the swamp from spreading.

Players can use up to five different weapons to contribute to extensive combos. Dodging enemy attacks with the Mystical Dodge mechanic will slow down time, allowing players to punish their inaccurate foes with a few extra hits.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight will also retain the Japanese version's audio tracks in addition to its English versions. You can get a glimpse ofthe game in this gallery of images from the Hundred Knight's Japanese release last year.