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Thread: Puzzle League DS Teasing EU in June

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    NDS Puzzle League DS Teasing EU in June

    via IGN,

    Those looking for their next puzzling fix on DS can rejoice: Nintendo has announced it's bringing Puzzle League DS - known as Panel de Pon in Japan - to Europe on June 29.

    Panel de Pon has had several names through the years (Pokémon Puzzle League, Tetris Attack) but although the name may change, the highly addictive and fantastic block-based puzzle gameplay always remains the same.

    For those still unaware of its charms, you move coloured blocks left and right to form a line or column of three or more same-coloured blocks. In classic puzzle tradition, the squares then vanish with a satisfying 'pop'. As you advance, you can line up combos of block popping so that, as one set of squares disappears, more blocks drop down to form new lines - which then also vanish.

    This new Panel de Pon features more modes than ever before and you can test your skills against time attacks, avalanche attacks, matches with the computer and Daily Play which, rather like Picross DS, gives you a set of regular challenges to tackle.

    Meanwhile, if you like to pit your wits against human opponents, Puzzle League DS features an online multiplayer mode that sees players racing to clear the most blocks, using special attack items to hinder the progress of foes.

    If all this wasn't exciting enough, Nintendo has also revealed that Puzzle League DS is launching for the bargain price of Ł20 (around 29 Euros).

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    sweet i cant wait!

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    This is quite possibly one of the best DS games ever. While I don't like how the physics have been dumbed down (the hardest setting is the closest to "normal" mode of the original Tetris Attack), the stylus control adds a new level of playability. The ability to hold it sideways like a book is also welcome, as this allows for larger size panels to be used, very helpful when using the stylus to move blocks. You can hold the DS normally if you want, but this makes it harder to hit the panel you want.

    While there are no fairies or Nintendo characters this time around, the backgrounds and audio tracks are pretty cool. As for the different panel styles, eh, I'll stick with the original ones.

    You can also unlock Lip's stage as a background/music combo by completing various criteria, which you can read more about at the forums.

    All in all, I'm highly anticipating the English release.

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