The updates keep coming! As the latest VHBL release was a bit precipitated due to external events, the first release made by Acid_Snake and Qwikrazor87 wasn’t optimal, and some of you reported issues running, among others, famous Super NES emulator Snes9XTYL. Qwikrazor87 has been hard at work over the past few days to address all these issues.

We have to keep in mind here that this is an unusual situation, not only because the exploit was announced much earlier than was initially planned, but also because technically, if you count the US/EU variations, the VHBL had to be ported (and maintained!) to a total of 8 games. This is a lot to test, and obviously the hackers don’t have all copies of all games. It so happens that most of the testing happens on PSPs, and sometimes tiny inconsistencies with the PSP emulator on the Vita can lead to bugs such as the one experienced in Snes9XTYL.
VHBL For Arcade Pool – US (v3, 2013/08/25)
VHBL For Arcade Pool & Snooker – EU (v3, 2013/08/25)