PPSSPP Git (2013/09/01) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #3545 from unknownbrackets/warnings
Warning fixes
* Add a note so as not to forget.
* Add some reporting to the software GPU.
* Fix some initialization/sprintf warnings.
* Remove -ffast-math from cmakelists
* Merge pull request #3546 from Kingcom/Assembler
Proper assembler error messages
* Correct move pseudo opcode
* Display proper error messages when assembling failed
* Merge pull request #3544 from unknownbrackets/module-imports
Invalidate icache on stub/var import update
* Cleanup comment (broke savestates anyway.)
* Keep unknown syscall reporting the same.
* Invalidate stubs/var imports when writing them.
* Just invalidate blocks on ClearCacheAt().
This makes it safe to call from a jitted syscall, etc.
* Fix InvalidateICache() breaking binary searching.
* Prevent a crash in debugger without jit.
* Include the PPC jit in the project.
So it's easier to find when refactoring.
* Merge pull request #3542 from unknownbrackets/module-imports
Track module imports and exports with a proper lifecycle
* Get rid of the bad object errors on shutdown.
* Unresolve function imports, track in loader.
* Optimize a bit by checking module names.
* Unexport var symbols when destroying modules.
The problem with a global list is that an unloaded module with unresolved
imports will get garbage written in. This should be safer, and hopefully
not slower.
Next up: func imports.
* Centralize and track imports/exports.
So that we can "unresolve" them.
* Merge pull request #3540 from raven02/patch-33
Apply auto-gen mipmapping to desktop
* Apply auto-gen mipmapping to WIN32
* Merge pull request #3537 from unknownbrackets/utility-minor
Return wrong dialog type in screenshot/gamesharing
* Return wrong dialog type in screenshot/gamesharing.
Should at least reduce reports of these failing, and give us better info.
May also work more correctly.
* Add some reporting and fix some duplicates.
* Disable -ffast-math - appears to have caused breakage.
* Merge branch 'fix_tigerxdragon_crash' of into kaienfr-fix_tigerxdragon_crash
* Fix the crash of game "tiger x dragon"
* updates
* Update lang
* Merge pull request #3532 from ufdada/patch-2
Small improvement for fade-in and fade-out sounds in Loco Roco
* Small improvement for fade-in and fade-out sounds in Loco Roco
The fade-in and fade-out sounds in Loco Roco are way too long, this small change improves it alot. now the sound that is played after reaching the goal in a level sounds about right.