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Thread: Casio MG-880 Calculator Flash Game

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    retro Casio MG-880 Calculator Flash Game

    I have made a version of the old Casio Calculator MG-880 game for the PSP. I wanted to include custom backgrounds for the game and a hi-score system, but unfortunately due to the PSP's Flash and Memory limitations I couldn't do those things. However I did include 3 lives in this version, as opposed to the 1 life in the PC version I made previously, and I have released a few different flavoured versions of the game.

    (you play the game by turning the PSP sideways)

    UP Arrow - Aim
    DOWN Arrow - Fire
    X Button - Start Game

    What you do is use the UP arrow to change your BASE to match any number, or INVADER, that is advancing towards you. Once you change your Base to that Invader number you press the DOWN arrow to destroy the Invader.

    If you destroy 2 or more Invaders in a row that add up to 10, 20, 30 etc then you get a 'n', or Mother Ship, advancing towards you which you can then destroy for 150 points.

    The closer the the right hand side of the screen the Invaders are when you destroy them the more points you get for each, eg. 80 points for an Invader in the first position on the right, then less 10 points each position closer to your Base (ie. 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.)

    You have 3 lives which are displayed next to you by 3 lines next to your Base.

    The game has 9 levels and each level the Invaders advance faster towards you. Once you get past the 9th level it goes back to level 1. It's pretty hard to get through the 7th, 8th or 9th levels though so it can take a while to do this.

    Click on one of the game links below to Save the zip file to your computer, un-zip it and then place the game in any directory on you PSP and then use your PSP browser to Open the file. Each version of the game is between 170 - 220 KB in size.

    Here is an example of the address you would enter if the game was placed in a Flash folder in the root directory of your PSP memory card:


    Right-Click on one of the flavours of the game to Save-As (unless you want a large version of the game to pop up on your screen):

    Spider-Man 3
    Casino Royale
    Republic Commando
    Aeon Flux
    Keeley Hazell
    Falco 3


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    Nice application,thanks.
    By the way,I like your name.:thumbup:

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    nice man u movin up just started and u doing good as for me u can already tell iam doing bad but good job man

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    nice flash app

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