GetGlue is continuously massaging its socially connected app for TV watchers, and the latest update reflects some of the ways TV viewership is changing. Like Foursquare'srecent changes, after an initial focus on check-ins and sharing, the new updates are all about helping users figure out what they're doing / watching next. There's a redesigned guide (again) in v5.0, now offering a personalized view at not only what's on right now via traditional broadcast networks, but also video on-demand and internet services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, HBO Go and more than a dozen others. With the rise of on demand viewing from a number of sources, it will be interesting to see if GetGlue can fill in some of those viewership statistics companies like Netflix have kept private.
There's also a new "Search & Discover" feature to find programs with browsing by genre or curated lists from GetGlue staff. Reworked show pages feature more social tie-ins, and the app also lets users directly add images, videos or news articles to their posts for some IntoNow-style meme creation and spreading. Finally, DirecTV customers can connect the app to their satellite boxes and change the channel directly from GetGlue's guide. The new app is rolling out today, let us know if its social networking focus is helping you finding new shows to watch or if it's just another source of oversharing on Twitter and Facebook.