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The Chronicles of Rid$#@!: Assault on Dark Athena presents a reinvention of 2004's Escape from Butcher Bay in HD, enhancements, as well as adding the Dark Athena chapter, an expansion of the original game with an exciting new story and new gameplay features.

With The Chronicles of Rid$#@!: Assault on Dark Athena, players will not only be challenged to survive Butcher Bay, but will also engage in a new single-player experience and, for the first time in the Rid$#@! universe, take action in intense multi-player combat. The game introduces the ominous Merc-ship Dark Athena, which sits silent like a marauding spider, awaiting helpless prey in the dark reaches of the galaxy. Players must face a large, bloodthirsty operation led by the dreaded Captain Revas and her slaves-turned-controllable combat drones, storm though death-defying events and fight fierce enemies in a battle of malice and gore.

First released in 2004, The Chronicles of Rid$#@! game features an original storyline that provides insight into the mythology of Universal Pictures' films The Chronicles of Rid$#@! and the cult classic Pitch Black, which first introduced Vin Diesel as enigmatic anti-hero Rid$#@!. The game blends action and stealth elements, as players navigate Rid$#@! through the harsh environments of dank tunnels, dimly lit corridors, and other hazardous areas filled with guards, savage inmates and deadly creatures that prowl the darkness.

Moving and attacking in darkness is particularly effective for Rid$#@! as his haunting "eye shine" gives him the ability to see without ambient light. However, stealth won't serve every situation and players will be able to take the action up close and personal. As Rid$#@!, players will be able to sneak up behind enemies and snap necks or fight face to face using fists, elbows and grapples. Additionally, players will be able to capture weapons such as shanks, shotguns, or assault rifles and use these to cut a swath of destruction through anyone who gets in their way.

The Chronicles of Rid$#@!: Assault on Dark Athena is scheduled to ship later in 2007


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