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Thread: Review: Wii Sensor Bar Cobra Stand

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    Rev Review: Wii Sensor Bar Cobra Stand

    Wii Sensor Bar Cobra Stand
    Manufacturer: Dragon
    Site: Buy from Goldenshop
    Price: $8.00

    Overview : Holds your sensor bar and allows you to turn any angle, bend in a different shape.

    Features :
    • High quality 3rd party product.
    • Can be bended to different shape.
    • Vacuum hook - easy to fix on to or remove from any smooth surface like windows, glass, etc...

    Quality/Usability : Although the Nintendo Wii's sensor bar allows you to attach it to a flat surface, it may damage your TV/stand as you try to remove the sensor bar. By removing the sensor bar off the surface, this may cause the sticky mount on the sensor bar unusable for future use. Even if you mount it or not to your TV or stand, the sensor bar may have problems reading the Wiimote.

    The Sensor Bar Cobra Stand not only holds the sensor bar in place but at the same time, lets you adjust the angle of the sensor bar. You can adjust the angle and direction of the sensor bar by bending the "arms" of the stand. The Cobra Stand allows you to twist as well.

    The Cobra Stand only works for the official Nintendo Wii sensor bar that came with your stand. There is no way to adjust it. There are 3rd party sensor bar whether it be wired or wireless, it will not fit unless its the same exact size as the original one.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Sensor Bar Cobra Stand is only good for those who does not have a flat surface near or on their television to hold their sensor bar, do not want to damage their TV/stand or needs the extra height. It would have been nice if it allowed the user to adjust the width of the holder to accommodate different sizes of sensor bars, both wired and wireless. It would have been nice if they were able to incorporate a way to tie up the excess cord on the sensor bar.

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