WiiFree is an open source Wii modchip. It required you to load your own code onto a PIC 12F629/675/683. In order to load the code, you would need to purchase a programmer as well as the PIC chip. Now there is an easier way to install and upgrade WiiFree.

This is a clean and very cheap solution, which makes the installation of PIC 12F629/675/683 in your Wii console extremely fast and easy; allowing the upgrade of the WiiFree code without any problem.

*Every PCB comes with a brand new PIC12F629 bundled.

For more information regarding WiiFree, you can visit the homepage as well as other alternatives for modchips at our CycloWiz / WiiKey / Wiinja / WiiD Seller/Installer List and Open Source Wii Modchip.

Source: WiiFree EasyConnect