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Thread: Review: Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar

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    Rev Review: Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar

    Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar
    Manufacturer: Nyko
    Site: Buy from Divineo China
    Price: $21.95

    Overview : Simplify and enhance your Wii set up with Nyko’s Wireless Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii. The Wireless Sensor Bar allows full Wii Remote functionality without the hassle or mess of any wired connection to the console. The infrared field created by the Wireless Sensor Bar allows for play up to 25 feet away, perfect for larger or wall-mounted TVs. Compatible with Nintendo's official Sensor Bar stand, the Wireless Sensor Bar is easy to set up, requiring no software or hardware installation on the Wii. Featuring 30 hours of battery life off 4 AA batteries (included) and a unique power saver mode with audible alarm, the Wireless Sensor Bar is designed for ultimate convenience.

    Features :
    • Design: Sleek design blends in with TV and is compatible with standard sensor bar stand
    • Power Saver Mode: Audible alarm warns when powered for too long and will even automatically shut off the device
    • Superior IR Field: The IR field created by the Wireless Sensor Bar allows for play up to 25 feet away
    • Battery Powered: 4 AA batteries (included) provide up 30 hours of use; No cords needed
    • Compatible with the Nintendo Wii sensor bar stand
    • Ideal for wall-mounted flat screens

    Quality/Usability : When the Nintendo Wii was released, gamers started to tinker with ways of making their own sensor whether it be from PVS tubing with LEDs, candles, remotes or even Christmas lights. Nyko has entered the market with their own that is better looking on the eyes and isnt so cheesy.

    The Wireless Sensor Bar doesnt come in your ordinary plastic blister pack or box. It actually comes in a plastic tubing. Inside the tube is the wireless sensor bar, 4 AA batteries and instruction booklet.

    On the front is a black shiny face and the housing is gray similar to that of the original Nintendo Wii sensor bar that came with the system. The difference is that it is slightly bigger in height, width and depth as well it being wireless. Although slightly bigger, the wireless sensor bar can still fit on the sensor bar stand that came with the Wii. There are blue LEDs on both sides of the sensor bar. The top of the sensor bar has a power button as well as a small speaker. When turned on, a blue LED is lit up on the front of the sensor bar. To turn off the bar, simply hold the power button for 3 seconds. On the back is a timer switch. You can set it to OFF, 1 HR or 2 HRS. What this does is alert the gamer how long the wireless sensor bar has been on for. Hence the little speaker near the power button. The batteries are hidden underneath. What is also a great feature is that if no interaction with the wireless sensor bar after the audible sound has gone off, the sensor bar will automatically turn off which will help save the battery from draining.

    Nyko claims that on a full set of AA batteries (included), the wireless sensor bar can last 30 hours. I was able to get a little more than 30 hours when used on and off. But if played for longer periods of time and consecutively, it lasted about 25-26 hours. It is best to invest in some rechargeable batteries rather than alkaline.

    Nyko also claims the wireless sensor bar has a range of 25 feet. During testing of the product, we did get to about 25 feet. But at the same distance, the response wasnt as strong as if you were standing 15 feet-20 feet.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar is a must get for those who do not want to deal with the long cord on the original sensor bar from Nintendo. Its a lot safer than using a candle as your sensor bar and looks a lot better than homemade sensor bars. It was a great idea for Nyko to include a timer to let you know how long the sensor bar has been on. I know there have been times when I have left other wireless sensor bars on, only to come back to a dead set of batteries. Its also great that we are still able to use the original sensor bar stand. When powered on, the blue LED can get a bit distracting if its near the monitor.

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