While the Yakuza series is typically concerned with well-dressed modern men upholding order and justice in a corrupt modern world, the series' upcoming spin-off, Yakuza Ishin, brings things back to feudal Japan. While no western release has been announced, Sony revealed at its Japanese press conference earlier today that this offbeat curio is set to be a PS4 launch title in Japan upon the console's 22nd February release over there.The game will also be available on PS3 and Vita.Yakuza Ishin - or Yakuza Restoration as it roughly translates to - is actually the series'second historical spin-off as 2008's Japan-only release Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! was set in the Edo period in 1605.Chances are slim that Ishin will make it west as Sega has yet to announce a western release of Yakuza 5, which came out last December in Japan where it was well-received by critics. I'm more hopeful about that making its way to English speaking territories,