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Thread: Review: XCM I-Case Black Knight

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    Rev Review: XCM I-Case Black Knight

    XCM I-Case Black Knight
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from TotalConsole
    Price: $37.99

    Overview : Now the Wii can look fun as well as play fun! XCM are back and bring their years of replacement case development to the mighty popular Wii. I-Case is a complete, high quality and colourful replacement shell for the Wii console. It's perfect for those gamers who want to inject their Wii with further healthy does of fun and make their console stand out from the rest. Boasting a simple installation procedure, virtually anyone from young gamers to your Gran could install the I-Case! Includes tool kit to open Wii console. Initial colours available include Chrome, Crystal Blue and Black.

    Quality/Usability : Like with any video game console on the market, there is always the need for some crazy gamers to modify their console. When I mean modify, I dont mean modchips. I meant aesthetically...looks wise. Gamers dont want the same boring color like any other person. They want to stand cool and unique. Nintendo is known for releasing multiple colors for the video game systems. So far, only white is available for the Wii. There has been rumors of different colors being released but no official announcements and who knows how long before new colors are available.

    The first to offer gamers and modders a chance to stand out from the crowd is XCM. They have been known for slick and unique faceplates, casings, controller mods, cables and other accessories. XCM announced the release of multiple colored casings for the Nintendo Wii ranging from chrome, red, yellow, blue, green, pink and even clear casings with LEDs built in!

    The XCM I-Case Black Knight includes the console shell, doors, faceplate, buttons and even the rubber feets at the bottom of the Wii which makes up the whole exterior of the Wii. To match the black case, they also included a black stand and tools to help you dismantle the Wii! Not a single piece was left out.

    The quality of the case is excellent and solid. Feels like it came out from Nintendo's factory. The case has a nice glossy feel to it, similar to that of the OEM case. Unfortunately the case isnt completely solid black like the black on the DS Lite, PSP or PS3. It has some type of sparkle to it (noticeable in the images below). Not in a feminine way though but it looks great.

    I wont go much into detail regarding installation as you can find tutorials on how to dismantle or disassemble your Wii, here (.PDF) or here. The whole installation process took approximately 45 mins. This is not to say that is how long it will take you to assemble everything. I am a perfectionist and anal when it comes to things like this. For some who are pros or better at things like this can be a lot quicker while noobs, novices or perfectionists like me, may take longer. The whole process is just time consuming and tedious. It will require some patience.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM I-Case Black Knight is an awesome product. Those looking to have their systems match with their home entertainment system or other consoles should definitely look into the Black Knight case. Each piece fit perfectly and even the screw holes aligned perfectly with one another which made installation a breeze. With the new mods for the Nintendo Wii such as the PulseVU, LED mods for both console and controllers, the Black Knight case would be a sweet looking console. Be sure to check out the other colors that XCM has to offer if you want to be even more wild and crazy with colors!

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