£350. Yeah, thatís a fair bit of money. Xbox Oneís £425 is even steeper. But trust us, youíve definitely got it good.
VG247 spotted a post on NeoGaf revealing the PS4ís launch price in Argentina Ė 6,500 Pesos. Thatís around $1,200. Or £763. Seven hundred and sixty three pounds.
The poster who revealed the info added that the amount is around 25 per cent more than their monthly salary. We dread to think how much the games are going to cost.
As VG247 also points out, Argentinaís economy has had a torrid time in 2013 with horrendous levels of inflation threatening to spin out of control, with the government censoring economists who dare to publish any non-official inflation figures. And even the official numbers suggest a monthly inflation rate in excess of ten per cent.