Classic '90s puzzle series Lemmings is staging a comeback with a new touch-based entry on PS Vita.
Titled Lemmings Touch, the game will feature new gameplay mechanics with a heavy emphasis on touch-screen play.

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Lemmings is a classic puzzle game in which the player must guide a horde of Lemmings - small characters who lack any self-preservation instincts - through a maze of deadly obstacles.
Players assign jobs to specific Lemmings, such as digging tunnels or building bridges, to create a safe path for their Lemmings to traverse.
Lemmings Touch will feature 100 levels, with new touch controls that let you directly interact with objects.
As developer d3t's Jamie Campbell explains, "These new objects include cannons and trampolines that you need to aim by touching and manipulating them on-screen, platforms you can slide to transport Lemmings, objects you can lift up and down to create new paths, and buttons that Lemmings have to press to bring other areas of the levels into play."
There's currently no word on a launch window. Above is a gallery of the first screenshots.
Sony recently revealed a new thinner, lighter version of the PS Vita, set for release in Japan on October 10. A release date in other regions is yet to be announced.