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Thread: Review: Wii WeDock Controller Storage Case

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    Rev Review: Wii WeDock Controller Storage Case

    Wii WeDock Controller Storage Case
    Manufacturer: WeDock
    Site: Buy from Brando
    Price: $19.00

    Overview : No right place to store your Wiimote and Nunchuck Controller? You just lying them somewhere?

    This WeDock is the best solution for you. It can let you to store 2 sets of Wiimotes and Nunchucks. The one touch "Springbroad" design, let you can get the Wiimote easily.

    • 2 set of Wiimotes and Nunchuks storage space
    • Innovative, compact and stylich design
    • One touch "Springboard" design let you can get the Wiimote easily

    Quality/Usability : We were the first to announced the release of WeDock and gamers had mixed feelings about it. Some thought it was cool, some thought it was OK and some thought it was useless. Now, we're the first yet again to bring you a full review!

    The WeDock measures approximately 7" tall x 5" wide x 5½" deep. The look and feel matches the Nintendo Wii perfectly. The front of the case has a #1 and #2. Of course, this is to help you identify which one is controller 1 and controller 2. On the bottom left corner is "Wedock®" logo. The top of the WeDock is a cover that resembles the four gray lines on the Wiimote directional pad.

    Opening the cover reveals four storage spaces. Two for Nunchuk (back) and two for Wiimote (front). The Nunchuk storage allows you to place either the cables first or it can be on top of the Nunchuk once placed in. The Nunchuk storage is even big enough to hold a Nunchuk with a silicon glove on it.

    As mentioned above, the Wiimote storage features a "springboard" design. When you place your Wiimote into the storage space, the top of the Wiimote sticks out about ¾" (UP button on directional pad). Simply push the Wiimote down and it hide. If you need to take your Wiimote out, just push down and the Wiimote will pop up. The clicking can is a little loud. Just like the Nunchuk storage, the Wiimote storage also allows you to place your controller even with a controller glove on. No need to remove the glove. But you will need to take the wrist strap off the Wiimote inorder for the controller to fit. You can place the wrist strap either on top of the Wiimote controller or where the Nunchuk is. With 2 Nunchuks and 2 Wiimotes in place, the cover closes perfectly.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Wii WeDock Controller Storage Case is a great storage to hold your controllers but its just a novelty. The size of the storage case is huge that you would not be able to carry it around comfortably. So its perfect to have in the house to protect the controllers from dust, liquid, pets or even your little siblings. Those who use controller gloves like me, do not have to worry about removing them but having to remove the wrist strap can get annoying. It would been even better if they had incorporated a recharging dock and battery. For the price of approximately $19.00, its a little expensive for case.

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