Team Xecuter figured that the Wii mod scene was done. You had the Wiinja & Cyclowiz first. Then the Wiikey came out along with its multitude of clones. The Wiifree Project then rose from the ashes as an excellent homebrew setup with a great following. However after all these advancements they still see boot problems, disc loading errors, instability, temperature problems, slow updates or even no updates at all etc etc etc

It's been known for some time that they were involved with the highly regarded TCNiSO team in developing a new advanced version of their amazing opensource Wii Project (Wiip) however they have kept quiet on the matter until things were progressing to its final stages. Their goal was to team up with a dedicated Wii team and apply their own expertise to create a rock solid, professional yet affordable mod that had every feature that you could ever possibly ask for - the main being that it had to be absolutley reliable, future proof and simply that it just works with no fuss or frills.

The project is pretty much complete. Currently codenamed "Wiip 2", this will be the most advanced and most stable mod to be released thus far for the Wii console.

This is a picture of their development unit. The final design is in progress and will be much leaner with a totally different layout / installation procedure.

The feature list is quite extensive and is always ongoing due to its massive 8k upgradeable capacity.
  • Legal Distribution - Mod Is Blank From Point Of Sale
  • Boots All DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
  • Boots All Wii Backups
  • Boots All Gamecube Backups & Homebrew
  • Supports All DMS, D2A and D2B chipsets (D2C is almost done)
  • Supports NTSC/PAL/JAP
  • Easy Install - Only 5 Simple Solder Points
  • 100% Upgradable - Massive 8k Flash
  • First Mod To Upgrade Via DVD, LPT & USB !
  • Ultra Fast 20Mhz ATMEGA8 CPU
  • Huge 8KB of Flash Update Space
  • External Clock to Control Read/Write Timing Protocol
  • Diagnostic LED's
  • Extra Features Via Dip Switches
  • No More "Disc Loading Error" That You See On Many Other Mods
  • Rock Solid In All Temperatures (Wii Gets Too Hot = No Problems)
  • Massive OpenSource Support
  • Can Be Used as a Universal Microcontroller Device - Many Future Uses
  • Mod Is Not Locked In Anyway Way - You Are In Control
  • This List Is Not Exhaustive - Many More Options & Functions Soon...

Team Xecuter are sure that this will be THE definitive Wii Mod Project. They are not worried about clones for those who want to make a quick buck. It will happen regardless, the only thing that stops them is if the official product is high quality with great support and is smartly priced. They will make sure the design is optimized to be as cost effective as possible so there will be no need go shopping for clones knowing that your investment in the Wiip community is the very best choice when deciding on your Wii Upgrade.

Source: Team Xecuter