via DS Link,

DSLink software 2.11 version
English kernel update 2.11 verison

1.Support special Cheat modify address, some Cheat data with special address is now available.

2.Add 266 CHT Cheat files. So far, 662 games support Cheat.

3. Solve the saver problem of 1103.

4.Kernel has enlarged the loading quantity of Chinese and English game names, solve the problem that some Chinese game names can not display.

5.Chinese and English game name library is updated to NDS:1018.

Simplified English game name library:

DSLink software game name library kernel game names

1:Please manually delete the romname.lst of the directory of system_ in the TF card, DSLink software will automatically install the new romname.lst while add ROM.

2.Thanks the friends for developing EmuCheat.
ive been waiting for new software and firmware update for forever.
and remember people DS Link is not the same as DS Linker.

EDIT: dont download the ds link pc software from the ds link site.
they give a link to V2.10 not 2.11.
so i changed the link here to have V2.11