Sony is "very encouraged" by the Western response to its Vita TV, the device that will be capable of playing Vita games and streaming PS4 games, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House told Eurogamer on Friday. The Vita TV is currently only planned for release in Japan on November 14, withlater releases reaching China and South Korea.

House explained that Sony is launching the Vita TV in Japan first because "there is no existing competitor in the region for the device, whereas streaming media boxes in the West are more commonplace."

In a separate interview, Sony Japan executive Masayasu Ito noted that the company would have to "watch the environment and identify what other services are available" before they decide to launch the Vita TV in the US or Europe. Until Sony makes their decision, you can take the pre-emptive route and see which Vita games are planned to be supported by the Vita TV. If it remains in Asia for eternity, however, well... there's always the Super Game Boy.