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Thread: Dreamcast Not Reading Games

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    Default Dreamcast Not Reading Games

    I bought a Dreamcast off of a friend, and works fine with most my games. Unfortunately, with THPS 2 and Shenmue, I have to turn the Dreamcast upside down to get them to work. They still occasionally freeze from time to time. Skies of Arcadia wouldn't even load for me. I tried going here: and doing what he said, but that doesn't help me either. From what I have learned, it is not good to flip your Dreamcast upside down, so I won't anymore, but I really want to play these games.

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    It won't damage your DC that much although it may put strain on the laser being upside down but if its broken any way who cares?

    I suggest doing a re-cab on the laser, like in that site, but often they can make matters worse, make sure you test with a disc your not too bothered about because if you turn it up too high, it can cause radial disc burns.

    Have you tried using a standard CD lens cleaner disc yet?

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