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Thread: Manhunt 2 receives AO rating

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    This is an utter joke, im really annoyed about the banning of this game, its taking away our rights, we should be able to make our own decision to play the game if we like, 18's and over are more than mature enough to make a decision on what they want to do, if you dont like the game you dont have to buy it, play it or look at it, i dont think if your 18 year old son played manhunt 2 then walked out his room with knifes killing his parents, it was to do with his mental unstability, which could be influenced by several things, including films, jokes, pretend fighting with peers, and many other life issues. And the funny thing is the case in the UK where its banned (whrere i am) is proven BY THE POLICE to have no link with the game, what more do we need? I feel sorry for the victims parents but they cannot blame a computer game for his death (they probably want some kind of compensation for it and take it out on manhunt).

    Anyway thats my opinion but there isnt much we can do about it lets hope they appeal and get the game out on to shelfves.

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    an AO rating will make this game hard to come by considering most markets wont carry these games. one will prob have to order off interent or something.

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    Now Nintendo and Sony have flat out rejected it on their consoles. This is ridiculous. The whole AO rating is just a cheap way to make the game get censored without outright banning it.
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