And hello again all,

Yes it has been a while since I updated this little gem but it was worth it. I've added a lot of new developements like DLDI, DS-slot mods (covering nearly all available DS products), GBA-slot mods (nearly covering all products here too) and more (including some general fixes) and here is the new updated version of my Beginners Guide To DS homebrew.

If you wish to contact me read the guide for details (or go to my blog at

I've put quite a lot of work in this baby and I have to say I really like the outcome. Though this will probably not appeal much to people who are already deep into the world of DS homebrew it might still be an interesting read. Aside from that I hope that this (new update) will allow people to easier enter the scene and enjoy the DS to it's fullest with great applications and games!

So if you know people interested in DS homebrewing, or feel like spreading the word please do .